For the most part, they're adored by other monsters. It seems she's doing this behavior taught to her by a lewd succubus "big sister," who claimed “big brother will give you a bunch of hugs.”


A figure of an alraune that took in a man. They're always making nasty watery sounds. With the stamen and pistil together and joining again and again, at last they've become one flower.


Men and women copulate on a stage installed in the center of the village where they can show off to all its inhabitants. The children picture their own future based on this, and their bodies get hot in anticipation.


Among those who have fallen in love with human men, those who think of sex as a dirty thing no longer exist. They stain their white bodies even whiter and smile with an ecstatic expression.

Ant Arachne

After obtaining a human man, they will lazily spend their days. When they want to eat (the man, sexually), they eat, when they want to fuck, they fuck, and when they want to be joined together, they will, so they basically spend their days doing little but having sex with the man.


Surprise sex with her beloved man will very easily change an Anubis who is an intellectual administrator into a nymphomaniac.


The sight of a man caught in a web, struggling to escape, stirs their sadistic heart and desire more than anything.


Baphomets are known to have the most amazing vagina of all monsters. Even a man who fancies adult women will totally fall as a lolicon after getting one taste of them.


A beelzebub enthralled by a man's choking odor. The odor of a man's semen excites their appetite and lust unbearably, and makes them hold the meat rod in their mouth indefinitely.

Black Harpy

They cast murderous looks at enemies, but they show such soft smiles to their husband and daughters.

Bubble Slime

The bubbles produced by their body while they envelop a man stimulate a man's body in just the right way, continually providing exquisite pleasure throughout the man's entire body.


She'll only permit her beloved man to ride on her back, however the scent and body heat of the man felt through her back will cause her body to get hotter and hotter.


Mamono mana whirls inside their vagina, and once they open it with the sound “kupaa”, they will greedily swallow up all of a man's desire and milk him dry.


A cockatrice having rigidity screwed inside from behind by a man. Regardless, even in this moment, her heart is probably being filled with joy for having obtained a husband.


Their emotions are normally hard to discern, but not during sex. They lower their eye and their cheeks redden with pleasure, and they'll smile in happiness at being able to have sex with a man.

Dark Angel

Utterly corrupted, they smile with rapture when their whole body is sullied by semen, the symbol of male desire. As far as they're concerned, the sole purpose of their body's existence is to be defiled by men.

Dark Elf

In this way, whether kicking or whipping, pleasure is given instead of pain. The skills with which they torment their slaves are truly the result of education and training from early childhood.

Dark Matter

A figure of a woman changing into a dark matter via fusion. Their bodies and hearts are melding into one due to the continual pleasure.

Dark Priest

Prayers dedicated to the Fallen God are performed by having sex with men. They show the Fallen God how obscenely they've fallen, and how big a desire of men they've received.

Dark Slime

The slime core is their weak point, but at the same time, it's the place where they can most enjoy pleasure. They will rub their own core against the penis of a beloved man.


Her reproductive instinct is very strong and she can't fight it. So that's what motivates her to spread her legs so that she can feel like a woman.


Their bodies are durable, and they can make their tummy swell and completely swallow up even the sort of erections that look like they wouldn't fit in their vagina. They shake their hips as if skewering their own insides.


An echidna, the mother of monsters, raises her daughters to be lascivious while surrounded by many daughters. She smiles gently, praying that her children can spend their days having sex with men.


Elves who have completely become succubi in body and heart will bathe in the semen of humans they formerly regarded as filthy, and experience joy as they themselves fall to the level of a filthy creature, the same as their beloved human men.


Even violent sex like this is only experienced as pleasure by fairy monsters. In fact, their little tummies swell up from it and become distorted into the shape of a penis.


When the sun rises, the two having sex will become stone. Even during this time, pleasant pleasure continues to flow through their bodies.


“And then, I put my hands on the desk, and stick my butt out towards darling, and darling surely shoves his wonderful cock in my pussy... hauu ?” Their wild fantasies know no end.

Giant Ant

They're very hard workers. They work until they're covered in sweat, and when they come home maximally aroused, it's their husband's important duty to soothe them with pleasure.

Giant Slug

When covered in salt, they change into a small body like this. They attack men in order to have this childish body showered in lots of semen.


In front of them, a man's penis never loses strength. The erection will remain towering indefinitely to provide them with semen.


A gnome that became a dark elemental. A prisoner fruit grows from her head, and she seduces her covenanter with her body that's ripened and become even more alluring.


They're extremely ferocious during mating season. They suddenly swoop down from the sky in order to feast on their beloved prey with their bodies.


They're proud of their breasts, and they can freely change the shape to please the man they love by gently enveloping his manhood and sweetly melting his mind with pleasure.


A honey bee preparing her genitals with nectar in front of a man. Due to this, she can provide even more sweetly melting pleasure for the man she's about to have sex with.


An ignis that has become a dark elemental. The black flames scorching her body continue to burn even more violently, fueled by a man's semen.


Even though they're small, they're splendid succubi (*inma) in both mind and body. They beg obscenely, mount their men, and shake their hips vigorously enough to not be outdone by a succubus.


Inari with immense power are often worshiped as gods. The men who serve them end up living with them in a shrine. Sweet voices of ecstasy will often be heard coming from the shrine.

Jinn of the Jar

After having their pot shattered they enter a completely defenseless state. Even so, their devilish bodies will attract men.


Their night face is very sadistic. Men are bound by their threads, and will release semen inside of them while unable to move. Seeing the orgasmic, yet pathetic, expressions of such men entrances them.


The boys who play sumo with them and are pushed over and done in during childhood will also be pushed over and done by them even more violently after growing up.

Kesaran Pasaran

Perhaps because they're plants, they come in a variety of sizes. Even when penetrated by a rigid erection such as this, the little ones' euphoric smile of fulfillment never goes way.


A lamia coiling her long body around a man's while joined with him. More than anything, lamia family monsters love to coil themselves around a man's body and glue each other together.

Large Mouse

These hasty girls will rub their faces against it and beg a man to hurry up and blow his load to cover them in their favorite thing: delicious human semen.

Leanan Sidhe

This is a leanan sidhe that specializes in literature. She's a bit shy, and the kind of books she loves to read are mostly sensual novels themed around men having sex with fairies. It seems what she's been enjoying lately is having sex with her beloved just like in the books.

Lesser Succubus

As shown on the left, originally upon seeing a man, she looks downward, unable to even lock eyes with him. But after becoming a lesser succubus, she starts to leer seductively with eyes wet with desire.


They place themselves in nothing but fights day after day, but if one defeats them, they reveal themselves to be surprisingly domestic.


The man was supposed to be the one forcibly violating her, but before he knew it, she had her roots wrapped around his waist, and she was continuously moving his hips to drive it in deeper and deeper.


The first stage when a human woman transforms into a matango. The inside of her head is already full of mushrooms, and she'll assault a man to fill her vagina with a large mushroom as well.


A medusa's snake hair is like a mirror reflecting her heart. Even if she turns away, the snakes won't let go of a man, and will twine and coil around him.


Due to changes brought about by the new mamono lord, no matter how anomalous their lower bodies may be, all monsters including mermaids are endowed with an organ for copulating with human men.


They love to peep on other monsters in sensual situations and observe them having sex. Because of this, they become unable to bear it, and can be frequently seen masturbating.


Being treasure chest monsters, they're likely to wrap their legs around their man and continuously join with him to keep the precious treasure inside of themselves.


Just having their sensitive body touched causes them to tremble as pleasure courses throughout its entirety.


An example of how they appear in a dream. The figure actively seducing the man with her curvy body is her ideal self doing exactly what she truly wants to do with the man.


Sex with a man thrills them to more an extreme than anything else. They channel this violent excitement into their body and lash out at a man's body with all of it.


An orc who had the tables turned on her when she assaulted a man. At that moment, she changed into a loyal sow who fawns on her man and wants to be screwed by his meat rod more than anything.


They appear like fairies, but they were succubi (*inma) from the beginning. They use their entire tiny bodies to pleasure men, and shower their tiny bodies in semen, their favorite treat.

Queen Slime

As they continue to grow, divisions with various duties will be produced. Every one of them will want to have sex with the man who is king, and all of them belong to the king.

Red Oni

After drinking sake and making her body flush, she'll get a thorough taste of a man with that body of hers. They can go on living as long as they have men and sake.

Red Slime

Red slimes have more developed feelings than blue slimes. When receiving semen, they experience stronger sensations of “pleasure” and “happiness”, and their expressions are even lewder.


In this manner, ropers make their tentacles crawl over the host's body to prepare her to receive a man and lure him in.


Most parts of their scales normally float free from their skin, and when having sex with a man, they can easily take in a penis by moving them aside.


Above, they press their lips together and plunge their tongue inside. Below, they unite their genitals. But they aren't satisfied with just that, and they will wrap their 2 arms and 8 legs thoroughly around a man's body to glue their bodies together.

Sea Slime

Normally they drift in the sea and let the tidal current carry them, but once they spot a man, they go against the current and slowly float towards him as if drawn to him.


At the retirement concert of an enormously popular siren, she had her husband thrust into her from behind while mixing in moans and gasps as she sang, causing the hundreds of couples gathered to all have sex. It was said to be the greatest concert in monster history.


The parts other than the bones are soft and suitable for pleasing a man. Each time that mana soaks into their body, sex with them grows more erotic.


A slime that has divided and produced a child. The child slime is just like the mother slime even as far as having a love for sex with men.


Question, nya! How many times have we done it, nyaa? Four times? Uh-uh! This is the fifth time, nyaa ? The next question comes after the 10th time, nya. Hang in there until you answer correctly, nyaa ?


A sylph who became a dark elemental. With lust like a storm, she's like a whirlwind while on top of her covenanter having sex.


An undine that became a dark elemental. She likes having her translucent body stained by her covenanter's cloudy white stuff more than anything.


They are the symbol of purity, but in a manner befitting of their true nature as a lustful centaur family monster; their first kiss will involve the insertion of the tongue and the exchange of saliva, and later their kisses will become even deeper and wetter.


In the dark she would rape a man cowgirl position, but in a bright place she quivers and becomes submissive.


Although they are capricious, they're always very interested in a man's body and having sex. If left to themselves, they'll indefinitely continue to enjoyably play with their beloved man who is their toy.


They're always in heat, and they want to hurry up and do lewd things with a man. Likening her favorite carrot to her beloved man's meatrod, she spontaneously licks.


It is often said that men are wolves, but these wolf-women are truly like that. They have a powerful lust for men, and they're like beasts that attack and rape.


They can also straddle a broom and fly through the sky, but they mostly straddle their beloved onii-chan rather than a broom.


Their lust swells in proportion to the number of tails. They will continue having sex with men without being satisfied until all of their tails get stained completely white by semen.


While young and in child form, they play nicely with human children. But even during this period, their body will thoroughly memorize the male who will have sex with them in the future and provide them spirit energy.


After becoming zombies, their minds are shrouded in lust. While moaning alluringly, they head in a straight line towards human men.