Most pharaohs corrupted by the poison of the apophis cease to be queens and become mere women, sometimes dressing as a dancer in order to seduce their men.

Arch Imp

Upon being interviewed, this arch imp ignored the questions posed to her and boasted "This fine man does everything I ask of him! He gets hard whenever I desire and comes for me as much as I want!" Communication with such monsters presents perplexing difficulties.


The atlach-nacha's husband agreed to revert to human form for an interview. But upon his return, a tearful storm of insults were unleashed upon him. The atlach-nacha mounted him before he could transform back.


The barometz's bouncy pulp invigorates the rhythmic hip-thrust of intercourse, causing it to take on an incredible violence - a contrast to the gentle attitude of the barometz.


After looking into the evil eyes beneath a basilisk's mask, a gaze that can be seen revealed above, one will no longer to able to escape her passion or her snaking, gripping body.


The bicorn's kisses are even more indecent than a unicorn's. They appear designed as a demonstration for those watching, to arouse the heat of the other monsters in the harem.

Blue Oni

Ao-oni in such a lewd state of drunkenness enjoy passing wine and essence mouth to mouth in order to more fully enjoy their flavor.

Cait Sith

As illustrated, men who commit crimes in the kingdom of cats are made into cat toys. Throughout the length of their sentence, they are toyed with freely and implacably.


Cancers generally seem quite fastidious. However, when faced with the semen-smeared member of the man they love, they only bring their faces closer, sometimes even rubbing their cheeks against it.


Here, the chimaera's goat personality can be seen. Her breasts have become more pliant and her expression syrupy-sweet.


The crest of the fiend's contract reinforces its binding power by causing her womb to throb in response to the swelling of her companion's member, compelling it to rise in response to her womb's need for essence.


As illustrated, devils are willing to use any means to corrupt the men they love.


When a man in bondage to a vampire is visited by a vampire hunter, he may end up gaining two wives at once - the vampire and the hunter.

Flow Kelp

The image above depicts the same flow kelp. On the left, she is swelled with moisture. On the right, she has shrunk from lack of it. In either case, however, she is likely to aggressively press a man for sex.


When a glacies' ice is thawed by the man she loves, her eyes and breath turn hot. She gazes with a dreamy joy upon the warmth of her husband's body and essence.


To a griffon, the taste of a man's essence heightens with desire. The more he desires her, the more completely she becomes absorbed in pleasing him with her mouth.


There is no way to escape the depredations of a hellhound once she is nigh. The aggression ablaze in her eyes will surely be unleashed upon the man as she pounds him with her hips.

Ice Queen

When holding her husband in her arms, the queen shows an atypically peaceful expression. Only her husband may experience the warmth of her body and soul.


Though the ittan-momen's body is made of cloth, the texture of her lower body is unmistakably a woman's as she engulfs the man's sex.


A jabberwock uses her husband's essence as paint to mark herself with a heart each time he spews forth his essence. In this way, she demonstrates the extent of her depravity.


Jiangshi tend to wear clothes designed so that their husbands can easily access and massage their bodies.


If a kakuen wants to suck, she will suck - regardless of the time, place, or presence of onlookers. Her utter lack of dignity is indeed suggestive of an aroused primate.


The karakasa-obake's canopy is capable of floating without support, forming a roof to cover the couple's relations, making a place for just the two of them.


All khepris exist for the sake of their ruler. A man who becomes their king may freely interrupt any khepri's work to possess her as he pleases.


Many masters of kikimoras touch them as they work. Their pure and modest appearance is itself a monstrous means of seduction.


Kobolds are so obedient that they will forbear good-naturedly even if the prospect of sexual congress with their beloved masters is dangled before them.

Lava Golem

Even the drops of saliva from the lava golem's simmering mouth pleasures the penis with a sizzling sound, welling up semen from deep within.


When a lich's phylactery is broken, her usual comportment vanishes without a trace. With her husband's every motion, she writhes and moans in pleasure. In this state, she can only think of her husband.


A man captured by a liliraune finds his new place between them, where he will be forever embraced by a pair of petals of flesh.


Even as the manticore wrings out his essence with her tail, her heart revels in ecstasy at the prospect of her future intake of his essence. It cannot be helped that the man is too distracted to observe this.


Because the coat, wings, and hair of the mothman are fluffy, soft, and lovely to the touch, it is surmised that the feeling of her lower body sinking onto another's is similarly downy and pleasant.

Mucus Toad

The long, mucus-covered tongue of the mucus toad wraps around every inch of the penis, licking, sucking, and stroking it slickly, crudely - wringing out essence with deft, persistent motions.


A man finds himself incapable of wondering how the nurarihyon came to lie awaiting him in his bed. All he can do is obey her call and slip in with her.


Though the bodies of nureonago are always damp, they do have the power to control the moisture they release into the environment and hold it within themselves. Thus, they are capable of both cooking and doing laundry.

Parasite Slime/Slime Carrier

Removing the visible slime does nothing. It was said that this girl's foul temperament grew much more pleasant after she was saved from such a monster. But ignorance of her hidden, monstrous nature would lead to grave consequences indeed.


The royal authority of a pharaoh is commanding. If it be her will, a man will gladly raise his organ despite himself and present it before her face as an offering.


A man trapped in the oral cavity of a sandworm is enfolded between a womanly form and a wall of flesh. Wrapped in ardor from head to toe, he feels as though he is melting.


The tone, mannerisms, and heady scent of a satyros are all enough to intoxicate a man so that, even when pressed to the ground as shown above, he will allow her advances like an innocent maiden in love.


Once the flame of the shirohebi's dark sentiment has been lit, her husband's passion for her flesh will thereafter burst ablaze every time the unsettling touch of her mana-stained fingers creeps across his skin.

Soldier Beetle

This variety of soldier beetle is known as the lancer beetle, distinguished by her solitary horn and great lance.


Perhaps owing to their origins as tentacle plants, tentacles sometimes get carried away in their meddling. Here, a tentacle offers a man a woman fully prepared for his entry.


A current runs through the thunderbird's genitals, making it easy for her to stimulate ejaculation without penetration. However, this individual seems to regret the fact that she did not receive the ejaculate internally.


Sprites are full of curiosity about pleasurable games they can play with their men - their queens are no exception. As the titanias make lovely sport with men, other sprites are apt to come join the fun.


The nourishing rain of the man's essence brings joy not only to the troll, but also to the monstrous plants that blossom from her head - which in turn imbue her with aphrodisiacs that increase her potency.


A trumpart's husband can also go in and out of her card at will. The scene, depicting sex on the job, is quite iconic of Wonderland.

Umi Osho

The umi osho's strange power is such that, thus overturned, they inflame men's carnal passions and become inclined to tease them.

Unagi joro

In this state, it is too late to retreat, for the more one moves, the deeper one will sink into the unagi-joro's soft body, beckoned inexorably into her flesh.


The unmarried wendigo looks quite charming in her coat, but inside lies a monster whose beauty is so profound that a man will be deprived of his sanity.


A wight never loses her graceful dignity, not even when bathed in white slime. Her magic-infused caresses make her man's member feel like it is being sucked-even when she is using naught but her hand.


It is common for knights who attempt to make wyverns their steeds to end up being ridden by them all day, every day, in the monsters' diligent pursuit of procreation.